Shirley Temple Vintage Doll

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Shirley Temple Vintage Doll
Shirley Temple was known as "The World's Darling" when she was making movies and thus began our love affair with this amazing little girl who has grown to be an even more amazing woman! Those of us who adored her in the movies and couldn't wait to have a doll or any memorabilia that showed her adorable face, we continue to dream of that sweet darling with the curls.  SALE PRICED NOW! DON'T MISS OUT! During the bleak years of the Great Depression, the lovable Shirley Temple became a symbol of happiness and hope for audiences around the world. In 1934, 20th Century Fox film songwriter Jay Gorney was taken with the dimpled, flaxen-haired star of a short film that preceded the feature at a local Los Angeles theater. As he was leaving, Gorney was surprised to recognize Temple and her family at the same theater, and soon the young actress was signing her first contract with Fox. By the end of the year, Temple would be featured in seven films, and would become the top-grossing box office star in the world. I am not positive what year this doll was crafted, but the porcelain and face design as well as clothes suggests she is very old. She has Shirley Temples signature dimples. She has a stand and is approximately 15 inches tall. She will make a great addition or beginning to your collection. Her face, arms and legs are porcelain and body is soft. She has her signature curls and she bring back the memories of Shirley Temple as a young girl.  Price includes shipping. 

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